The Benefits

Our glass polishing machines can save you money – guaranteed!

Producing high quality results every time, our glass polishing machines not only save you time and hassle but also manpower, meaning wages are lower. Our machines eradicate the need for someone to be employed to wash and polish the glasses and are far faster and more efficient at completing the process.

The benefits of using our polishing machines include:

  • Time and hassle saving
  • Eradicates the need for employment of glass washer and polisher
  • Perfectly cleaned and polished glasses – EVERY TIME
  • No cross contamination from dirty cloths
  • Improved health and safety
  • No need for purchase and disposal of paper towels
  • No watermarks

With our machines taking the strain and doing the glass cleaning and polishing for you, it also takes away any risk to your employees. Glass cleaning, especially champagne flutes, can be a very tricky and dangerous task due to the flutes high sensitivity and propensity to break. Our glass polishing machines not only clean and polish to a very high standard; they also do so without damaging the glasses, no matter how delicate and tricky they are.

Cross contamination of cloths and costs of purchasing and disposing of paper towels are also other areas of concern for businesses. With our glass polishing machines, you do not have to worry any more. As all your glasses can be cleaned and polished inside our machine, you do not have to even consider purchasing and then disposing of paper towels ever again.


  • Absolutely amazing!

    I never thought the results would be as good as they are. The glasses come out sparkling every time and even our customers comment on just how shiny they are. I cannot recommend you highly enough.
    Mr J. Carroll, Southend

    I don’t often get the chance to write in and thank someone for doing a great job but I’m pleased to be able to on this occasion.Your glass polishing machines are just as good as your cutlery polishing ones and we are over the moon with the results.

    Our Glasses always come out looking fantastic and I will definitely recommend you in the future.
    Mr B. Cameron, Leicester

  • I don't normally write in to companies to thank them for doing their job but on this occasion, I'm delighted to make an exception. I am very satisfied with the way in which your machine cleans and polishes our glasses. They look fantastic and it has saved us time, effort and money. You can rest assured that I will be recommending you and your machines to all my friends and acquaintances.
    Mrs H. Knight, Oxford

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for our fantastic glass polishing machines. They have saved us so much time and money and we don't have to worry about hiring someone to just clean the glasses now! What's most impressive is that we have very delicate glasses and not one of them has been broken or smashed by your machine. Fantastic!
    Mr S. Jones, Manchester

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As well as our fantastic glass polishing machines, we also sell cutlery polishing versions as well. Please click here to be taken to their seperate website.

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