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As well as our fantastic cutlery polishing machines we also provide our customers with a new range of glass polishing versions. Although they work in a slightly different way, the end product is the same and we are confident you will be incredibly pleased with the high quality results.

We offer our customers two different glass polishing machines; the GP250 and the GP500. The former is our original machine which has 5 brushes designed to efficiently polish one glass at a time, no matter what size glass. Our new GP500 machine has 8 brushes and is able to professionally and perfectly clean two glasses at a time, saving you extra time and money.

Our GP250 machine is surprisingly inexpensive, very reliable and comes with a two year guarantee as standard. It is designed to dry and polish 250 glasses per hour – every hour and is manufactured in stainless steel.

Its brushes are made from a synthetic fibre that are easily cleaned in a washing machine and the small size makes it perfect for any sized kitchen. Similarly, its output makes it ideal for even the largest venue.

Our newer GP500 machine is also inexpensive and reliable but unlike its sister model it can polish 2 glasses at a time. This means that it is able to dry and polish up to 500 glasses per hour.

This will save hours of manpower and mean that you will not have to have people physically polishing the glasses by hand to get the same effect. From a health and safety point of view, there will also be no risk of people cutting themselves while trying to polish champagne flutes.

Like the GP250 glass polishing machine, the GP500 also comes with a two year guarantee as standard.

Glass Polishing Machine

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As part of our ever expanding service, we also sell cutlery polishing range of machines to our repertoire. Please click here to be taken to their seperate website.

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