Spare Parts & Repairs

While selling high quality glass polishing machines, The Glass Polisher Company has always been service based and although our machines are very reliable, we appreciate that sometimes something will go wrong with your equipment. That is why we are always available to come and repair or replace it immediately.
Whether its simple things like replacing the brushes or the UV bulb to a more complicated problem that is preventing the machine from working, our highly experienced team have got it covered. Our service is nationwide and our maintenance programme includes:

  • Guaranteed fast response within 24 hours
  • Preventative maintenance (fix it before it breaks)
  • Large stocks of spare parts always available
  • Next day delivery of spare parts
  • Technical assistance at any time

All our polishers are designed to offer our engineers quick and easy access to replace parts, clean and make sure everything is functioning as it should be again and no matter what requirements for maintaining your polisher, we’re always available to support you with products, advice and engineers.

As with our fantastic cutlery polishing machines there are a number of maintenance tasks you can carry out simply yourself, such as changing the anti-bacteria UV bulb.

Our wide range of spare parts means that our engineers constantly have access to every part they might need to repair your glass polisher and as you can see from below we ensure that our engineers always have the right tools and the right equipment to get your machines working properly again.


  • Thank you so much for supplying us with your fantastic glass polishing machines. I just can't get over the results and our glasses look absolutely amazing every time they come out of your machine. It's made such a difference and saved us money and hassle. I can't remember what we did before your machines! Thanks again.
    Mr D. Francis, Bromley

    I don’t often get the chance to write in and thank someone for doing a great job but I’m pleased to be able to on this occasion.Your glass polishing machines are just as good as your cutlery polishing ones and we are over the moon with the results.

    Our Glasses always come out looking fantastic and I will definitely recommend you in the future.
    Mr B. Cameron, Leicester

  • I don't normally write in to companies to thank them for doing their job but on this occasion, I'm delighted to make an exception. I am very satisfied with the way in which your machine cleans and polishes our glasses. They look fantastic and it has saved us time, effort and money. You can rest assured that I will be recommending you and your machines to all my friends and acquaintances.
    Mrs H. Knight, Oxford

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for our fantastic glass polishing machines. They have saved us so much time and money and we don't have to worry about hiring someone to just clean the glasses now! What's most impressive is that we have very delicate glasses and not one of them has been broken or smashed by your machine. Fantastic!
    Mr S. Jones Manchester

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If you would like any more information about either of our two fantastic glass polishing machines, please do not hesitate to contact one of our helpful and friendly team.

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As part of our ever expanding service, we also sell cutlery polishing range of machines to our repertoire. Please click here to be taken to their seperate website.

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